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Demons Ran OOC Community
the story after the demons ran
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Welcome to demonsran's OOC community!

This is the place to plot ideas, share Doctor Who love or generally ramble about real life!

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25th-Aug-2011 09:43 pm(no subject)
Hello all! Just wanted to say this is me, back again~
19th-Aug-2011 10:35 pm - Intro~~
donna; uh huh sure
So, hi. =)

I'm Jane and I'm here bringing you Donna Noble, who's coming to you from just after Midnight.

Really excited to be here! xD
19th-Aug-2011 10:20 pm(no subject)
lone_defender is on a temporary hiatus due to personal circumstances and isn't expected to tag for the time being. I'm sure she'll update us when she's able to. 
18th-Aug-2011 08:36 pm(no subject)
Hello sweeties!

I'm back from my holiday!

Not that I went really far, but you'll be happy to know my online time is back to normal. Therefore, River and Craig will be available to post (although I don't think it's my turn in any of my threads, but give me a poke if I'm mistaken!)
3rd-Aug-2011 11:40 pm(no subject)
I've been rather quiet the past week, and will do such for the next! I'm currently holidaying with a friend and my online times are pretty limited. 

Just a heads up for those waiting on posts from River or Craig :)
2nd-Aug-2011 09:34 pm - It's Quiet... Too Quiet...
First Doctor Smiling
Been a couple of days since anything happened. I'm heading off in a week on me hols so it might be the same for most others but I was just touching base with others to see if things are alright? :)
22nd-Jul-2011 02:50 pm(no subject)
 I'm going to assume that I should probably introduce myself. 

My name is Elaine, I go by Eee.. I enjoy long walks on the beach, margarit--Oh wait wrong comm. 

I'm going to be here as Ianto thatsharassment , and as John Hart minelastslonger .

John is probably by far my stronger character, I'm just getting my feet wet with Ianto.

So here's the run down, Ianto is coming in at End of Days, after Jack fights the Abadon, but has just left with the Doctor. He's just sort of begun to realize the depth of his feelings for Jack but of course the man left him like he was nothing. He's not whiny, or really angsty, he's more or less resigned to the fact that their relationship will never be more than it already is and is...fairly content with that.

Ianto, doesn't have as many issues with Para style RP. And can switch back and forth depending on what the situation requires.

John is...well John he's coming in just after leaving at the end of Exit Wounds. But he's snarky, sarcastic and really has no qualms at all with killing anyone. He as most a probably aware has s seriously screwed up moral compass, but there are a few things that motivate him to 'behave'. Jack would know what they are you should ask him.

John on the other hand.. he tends to be a bit of a brat and likes to use [ action] format, mostly because he says it helps keeps him from 'conforming to the socially acceptable labels of this century, or any other for that matter. And that he will not let his mun stifle his 'freedom of expression in such a way'.  Usually, I can keep him in check I just wanted to give a heads up that he might go off format every now and then.
21st-Jul-2011 01:45 pm - Belayed Introduction
First Doctor Smiling
Forgot I haven't introduced myself yet - sorry about that! I'm James and I'm playing the original/First Doctor, taken from a period during his capture by the Celestial Toymaker (during his Trilogic Game to be precise). I have made some assumptions that his previous appearances in both The Three Doctors and The Five Doctors have already happened, so he should be able to recognise his Second, Third and Fifth selves with no problems - other incarnations might take a little longer.

Anyway, thanks for having me in your game. I have other RP journals for Nyssa, the Fourth Doctor, Davros, the Cybermen (four different versions - Tenth Planet, Moonbase/Tomb, 80's and Cybus) and Madam Vastra, so it is possible down the line that I might bring one of those in as a secondary character (probably Vastra). Until then, thanks for having me and I look forwards to RPing with all of you! :)


PS. I shall be off on my hols from August 8th for three weeks so don't be surprised if I vanish round about then for a while.
17th-Jul-2011 07:20 pm - Simple, slight, plot advancement?
There's consideration by myself (Five) and Nic (Jo) about having Five and Jo find a basic surveillance/communications room. This means they might be able to get a camera or two running, and maybe even find a way to get in touch with a person or three wandering about Demons Run while they work to find out what happened there.

The thread would be open to everyone if they want to be contacted by Five and/or Jo, with simultaneous threads running just by the nature of the situation. Would this be alright with everyone?
7th-Jul-2011 07:25 pm - Introduction
not the doctor

My name's Mari, and I'm bringing you Romanadvoratrelundar, Time Lady. I'm really excited to play her here with all of you. <3

I'll probably throw up my intro post sometime tomorrow when I've got more time to devote to thinking about it. I'm really excited to play her opposite characters from the new Who because that holds a lot of promise for amusing RP, I'm sure. Although I still have mad love for the old Who pups, obviously. Feel free to throw any plot ideas you have at me, because I'm ready and willing!

Happy to be here! :D
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